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Monday, December 15, 2008

Higher and Lower Blood Pressure

Today, i agreed to take my friend's challenge to eat Satay Kambing (kind of Young Grilled Lamb) and Durian fruits altogether in the same time. Why it's called challenge, because for you know, in my country, eating satay, and eating durian are some general habit related to blood pressure increase. And for some people, they believe that they are one of major risk factor of Cerebrovascular accident. So, people said that eating durian and satay altogether will result in fast and straight cerebrovascular accident, or heart attack.
What's actually happened when eating durian and Satay?
It's all about the rising of blood pressure level, that people are affraid of. Is it true?
Yes for satay kambing. It do raise blood pressure level, and prohibited for people with high blood pressure, since it contains high cholesterol, and one of risk factors for developing heart attack, stroke, renal failure.
But, for durian?  there is still no scientific proof published claimed what substances contained in durian that can cause the stroke or heart attack. It is actually not the durian that causes the illnesses, but how many it is being consumed.
Then after 2 hours, we started to eat Starfruits, as many believe that it will lower blood pressure level. Is it true?
Star fruit's kernel texture that a lot of aqueous also fibrous, pretty good to smoothen digestion function and clears intestine from crust fat that tending begets constipation. It contains Vitamin C, that can lower blood pressure.The better choice is 'little type' starfruit that's very sour. It has more vitamin C, and believed to be able to lower blood pressure fast.


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