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Monday, December 1, 2008

Cell phone danger

Hi, i want to share my toughts about cellphone effects on person's health. I think that the cellphone of course does have effects in human body, whether it's good or bad.  But, nowadays, the effects are still questioned by scientist. It's only matter of time, that the effect will be seen clearly in medical world. It's almost the same with "smoking issue", when people or scientist, years ago, couldn't find any relationship between smoking and lung cancer. But today, almost every people in this world (even the smoker) knows that smoking is dangerous for their health. So when i browse the internet, i have some proofs about this issue...

Recent Research on Brain and Biological Effects of Cell-Phones


  • "Israeli study says regular mobile use increases tumour risk", AFP, December 7, 2007.
    Regular use of mobile telephones increases the risk of developing tumours, a new scientific study by Israeli researchers and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed on Friday. An extract of the report seen by Israel's Yedoit Aharonot newspaper put the risk of developing a parotid gland tumour nearly 50 percent higher for frequent mobile phone users -- more than 22 hours a month. The risk was still higher if users clamped the phone to the same ear, did not use hands-free devices or were in rural areas.

  • "Only ten minutes on a mobile could trigger cancer, scientists believe", Daily Mail, August 30, 2007.
    Mobile phones can take as little as ten minutes to trigger changes in the brain associated with cancer, scientists claimed yesterday. They found even low levels of radiation from handsets interfere with the way brain cells divide. Cell division encourages the growth of tumours.

  • Long-term use of cellular phones and brain tumours – increased risk associated with use for > 10 years , Hardell, et al , Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2007;64:626-632, April 4, 2007.
    An association with acoustic neuroma was found in four studies in the group with at least 10 years use of a mobile phone. No risk was found in one study, but the tumour size was significantly larger among users. Six studies gave results for malignant brain tumours in that latency group. All gave increased OR especially for ipsilateral exposure. In a meta-analysis ipsilateral cell phone use gave for acoustic neuroma OR = 2.4, 95 % CI = 1.1-5.3 and for glioma OR = 2.0, 95 % CI = 1.2-3.4 using a latency period of 10 years or more. Results from present studies on use of mobile phones for > 10 years give a consistent pattern of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma. The risk is highest for ipsilateral exposure.

  • "Infertility is only a phone call away", New Zealand Herald, October 25, 2006.
    Mobile phones have been identified as a cause of reduced sperm production in men.   Microwaves emitted by the phones reduce the number, mobility and quality of sperm by almost half in the heaviest users, to the point where some men may become infertile, scientists say.   ...   Scientists from the Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, tested the sperm of 364 men being investigated for infertility.   They found that the heaviest users of mobile phones - more than four hours a day - had the lowest sperm counts at 50 million a millilitre and the least healthy sperm, judged by its mobility and the proportion of abnormal sperm.   Sperm counts were highest - 86 million a millilitre - and the sperm healthiest among those men who did not use mobile phones.   All men produce a high proportion of sperm that are abnormal, but in the heaviest mobile users the "normal" sperm fell to 18 per cent compared with 40 per cent in those who never used mobiles.

  • "Cellular phones do affect brain cells", Earthtimes News report, June 27, 2006.
    “Using a cell phone is not innocuous. It has an effect on your brain. Whether that's good or bad, we don't yet know, but it's definitely having an effect. The effects are clear. The increase in excitability is clear and lasts for about an hour. Is that effect harmful or beneficial? I don't know,” he said.

  • "FDA to review wireless-phone safety", Reuters report, April 6, 2006.
    Swedish researchers said last month that the use of cellular phones over a long period of time can raise the risk of brain tumors. ... Those who heavily used wireless phones had a 240 percent increased risk of a cancerous tumor on the side of the head where they used their phone, they reported.

  • "Health may be concern when giving kids cell phones", AP report, March 23, 2005.
    Parents should think twice before giving in to a middle-schooler's demands for a cell phone, some scientists say, because potential long-term health risks remain unclear.

  • "Health study urges caution with cell phones", Reuters report, January 11, 2005.
    Stewart said studies suggesting mobile phones can cause nonmalignant brain tumors, cognitive impairment or DNA damage should not be dismissed, but more research is needed.

  • "Study: Cell phones scramble DNA", Reuters report, December 20, 2004.
    Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA in laboratory conditions, according to a new study majority-funded by the European Union, researchers said on Monday. ... After being exposed to electromagnetic fields that are typical for mobile phones, the cells showed a significant increase in single and double-strand DNA breaks. The damage could not always be repaired by the cell. DNA carries the genetic material of an organism and its different cells. "There was remaining damage for future generation of cells," said project leader Franz Adlkofer. This means the change had procreated. Mutated cells are seen as a possible cause of cancer.

  • "Are Cellphones a Health Risk?", Fortune Article, October 21, 2004.
    Last week we got one of those periodic reminders that nobody knows whether cellphones may be seriously affecting our health. That worries me, given the ubiquity of these phones in our world today, and the fact that most of you reading this hold one to your head.

  • "Mobile phones may trigger Alzheimer's"BBC report, [PDF], Wednesday, 5 February, 2003, 12:35 GM.
    "Mobile phones damage key brain cells and could trigger the early onset of Alzheimer's disease, a study suggests. Researchers in Sweden have found that radiation from mobile phone handsets damages areas of the brain associated with learning, memory and movement. The study, which was carried out on rats, is the latest twist in the long-running debate over whether mobile phones are a health risk."

  • Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones. Leif G. Salford, Arne E. Brun, Jacob L. Eberhardt, Lars Malmgren, Bertil R.R. Persson. 2003. Environmental Health Perspectives 111(7): 881-883, June 2003 (original here).
    "The possible risks of radio-frequent electromagnetic fields for the human body, is a growing concern for the society. We have earlier shown that weak pulsed microwaves give rise to a significant leakage of albumin through the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Now we have investigated whether a pathological leakage over the BBB might be combined with damage to the neurons. Three groups of each 8 rats were exposed for 2 hours to GSM mobile phone electromagnetic fields of different strengths. We found, and present here for the first time, highly significant (p<0.002)>

  • Effect of GSM mobile phone radiation on blood-brain barrier. Dariusz Leszczynski. 2002. Proceedings of the URSI Meeting, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
    "Some animal studies have suggested that mobile phone radiation may cause increase in blood-brain barrier permeability. We have hypothesized (Leszczynski et al. Differentiation, 70, 2002, in press) that the mobile phone radiation-induced increased expression and phosphorylation (activity) of stress protein hsp27 might be the molecular mechanism regulating blood-brain barrier permeability and, possibly, cell apoptosis. Here we present evidence suggesting that mobile phone radiation indeed affects hsp27-dependent cytoplasmic distribution of F-actin and stability of stress fibers. This observation supports our hypothesis that mobile phone radiation-induced changes in hsp27 expression/activity might eventually lead to increase in the permeability of blood-brain barrier."

  • Non-thermal activation of the hsp27/p38MAPK stress pathway by mobile phone radiation in human endothelial cells: Molecular mechanism for cancer- and blood-brain barrier-related effects. Dariusz Leszczynski, Sakari Joenvaara, Jukka Reivinen, Reetta Kuokka. 2002. Differentiation 70:120-129.
    "Based on the known functions of hsp27, we put forward the hypothesis that mobile phone radiation-induced activation of hsp27 may (i) facilitate the development of brain cancer by inhibiting the cytochrome c/caspase-3 apoptotic pathway and (ii) cause an increase in bloodbrain barrier permeability through stabilization of endothelial cell stress fibers. We postulate that these events, when occurring repeatedly over a long period of time, might become a health hazard because of the possible accumulation of brain tissue damage. Furthermore, our hypothesis suggests that other brain damaging factors may co-participate in mobile phone radiation-induced effects."

    So, let's think about its possible effects. I don't put my cell phone on my pocket, i prefer putting it into my bag, hope this can prevent any bad effects of it. What about u?........