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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brain Aneurism: the Sudden Killer

What is actually brain aneurism?
well, i want to give you an illustration first.
I've got a female, 38 years old patient who suffered from haemorrhage stroke. She had 3 days coma, and then passed away. The family told that it was the first attack for her.No hypertension, or any systemic disease ever diagnosed for her. She had good diets, low salt, low fat. why did the stroke still happen to her? I've noted many cases, in which a healthy young people died because of hemmorhage stroke. What did actually happen to them?

An aneurysm (or aneurism)is a localized, blood-filled dilation (balloon-like bulge) of a blood vessel caused by disease or weakening of the vessel wall.
Aneurysms most commonly occur in arteries at the base of the brain (the circle of Willis) and in the aorta (the main artery coming out of the heart, a so-called aortic aneurysm). As the size of an aneurysm increases, there is an increased risk of rupture, which can result in severe hemorrhage or other complications including sudden death.
Though there are a number of likely causes, the cause is not always known. However, generally speaking, a brain aneurism is often the result of damage done to an artery. This damage may result from…
1.Genetic factors
Bad lifestyle habits (tobacco use, alcoholism,) and copper deficiency
It is also a fact that brain aneurisms develop without any recognizable symptoms.
Some of methods to prevent this disease will not fully protect us aginst this disease.
Aneurisms can develop because of certain lifestyle choices we make. there are some things we can do to lower our risk. Four of them are particularly important. These are…
1.Keep blood pressure low
2.Maintain a balanced cholesterol profile
3.Don’t smoke
4.Reduce atherosclerosis build-up
The other thing that might be useful is doing general check-up, and if necessary you can ask for a brain CT Scan or MRI to your doctor.


  1. Yudhi Gejali, dr. said...

    yes it's very sudden.
    This Aneurism is a silent killer

  2. Anonymous said...

    Very nice blog, doc! This will be my 1st visit. Therefore i have several things to say. Couldn't just drop words in shoutbox coz the limited field provided there. So here would be the appropriate place. Now 1st, i gotta say i'm impress on your attempt to write article in english. Even better you dare to join blog carnival to publish widely ur writing. From what i see, u r good in what u r doing. The composition style, the title u choose, the image displayed, all attractive.
    Regarding this particular thread, i gotta say it intrigue me to comment. 1st as we all know, Sukma Ayu is one of wellknown case of Aneurysm. I remember a colleague once told me, when he was still rotating resident, he witnessed Sukma Ayu's case in person. It was indeed a severe subarachnoid hemorrhage due to aneurysm popped up.

    Not so long ago, i happened to be in this private meeting where some professional gathered to discuss a future legal action toward one famous doctor in Jakarta, in suspicion of malpractise. A 20th something girl, came to hospital for history of sudden fainted. She came composmentis in nature, but the result of MRI show lil hemorrhage in her brain. The doctor seems to assume that it probably caused by head trauma when she experienced a sudden black out. And decided in hurry to operate her. Now the problem that soon became an issue was that the doctor didn't really gave the patient's family thorough information. The doctor's judgment might underestimated the whole situation. By convincing the family that the problem would be fixed in no time, what happened post brain surgery do came as big shock to them. Turn out, big aneurysm in one of major artery causing severe hemorrhage. The doctor succeed in taking care of the leak. But the girl left vigil commatous
    in the end. The moral value we all can learn from this case is that never underestimate patient's issue. That private meeting alone didn't came out with any conclusion. But the patient's family already suffered with confusion of whom might be to blame.

    So again, i have to say u wrote an interesting topic there!

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  3. pelangi anak said...

    a great posting Mas!
    Have a great day too!

  4. kamilini said...

    i am medico..thanks for sharing such a good information about brain aneurism and its causes n its disadvantages...

    Internal medicine

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