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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Acne Prevention-recent methods

There are many ways  to prevent acne, This section will give you some of recent methods to prevent this disease.

1. Understanding the disease (first thing to do to prevent any disease)
Acne vulgaris or common acne (also known as pimple and zits) is a disease of the hair follicle and its associated oil producing sebaceous gland. Teeenagers have overactive hormones, known as androgens. The hormones increase sebum production from the sebaceous glands. This condition makes P.Acnes, (the bacteria) which is a normal resident of the hair follicle increases in number due to the increased sebum.The main cause of acne is the effect caused by increased sebum secretion and the P.Acnes.

2.Preventive diets
Some of people believe that acne is caused mostly from the food. They said that eating chocolates, Nuts, drinking lots of soda cause acne. Back to number 1. The main cause is not the foods. Today, there are lots of acne prevention diets. Although only little credible research providing links between certain food groups and acne, they are still usefull. I don't give kinds of foods to be avoided, but i suggest some foods that might be usefull for acne prevention. Vitamin A and Zinc have helped with acne. Green Tea is believed to lower the androgens level. Fruits rich in antioxidant are very good to prevent acne (colorful fruits and vegetables). I suggest that if you have problems about foods causing acne breakout, you should try to write down the list of the foods, try to reduce the use of the foods, because there are some foods-induced acne type, such as wheat-induced acne, or milk-induced acne.

3. Skin cleansing
Skin cleansing is the effective way to prevent the P.Acnes activity. Cleanse your skin regularly, but don't do it so often. The skin produces its greatest volume of sebum and oil at approximately 1 to 2 o'clock in the afternoon and its least volume in the middle of the night. You can cleanse your skin with face-soap, neutral Ph. Don't scrub your skin if it has active acne. Change your face towel regularly, since it colects bacteria. Don't forget about your helmet, bandana,pillowcases, and hats.

4. Hormone regulation
the simplest thing about hormone regulation is 'avoid stress'. When under stress the body produces hormonal steroids, such as cortisol, that has same activities with other hormonal steroids (testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, etc.) these chemicals target the skin in a disruptive manner.

There are many different methods to prevent acne, i suggest to do the 4 things above, first. Then about acne treatment, if acne does occur, better to see your doctor. The use of anti acne-agents, such as Benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, have serious side effects for your skin. In summary, Acne is preventable disease. There are many acne prevention methods available today. You can do things which suit you best. But remember, the good preventive method is the one that needs no drug or chemical use.

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