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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stem Cell, in Indonesia

Stem Cell technology become one promising chance to cure many human diseases. Stem Cell technology belongs to not only doctors or medical researchers, but many people from many different fields. From zoologists to politicians, they all talk about this recent discovery that might change the face of medical world.

What does actually stem cell mean?
Stem cells are cells that found in most, multi cellular organisms, and they have ability to regenerate themselves through cell division, and differentiate into other cell types. The two main types of stem cells are embryonic and adult stem cells. The differences between them are in a developing embryo, stem cells can differentiate into all of the specialized embryonic tissues, in adult stem cells, they act as a repair system for the body, but can't differentiate into all kinds of human's cells.
One great debate about stem cell technology is about the embryonic stem cell. It's because starting a stem cell line, requires human embryo destruction or furthermore, human cloning just to make the embryo. Many countries are against this issue. In 2004, Indonesia has come to a uniform decision that they are against the human cloning, and stem cell technology that uses living creatures, such as an embryo. And recently, Indonesia has implemented this technology for curing patients with coronary heart disease.
Nowadays many researchers has developed the use of adult stem cell technology, and implemented it to many medical therapy, such as congenital heart diseases, alzheimer, parkinson, and many others.In recent studies, scientists have observed stem cells acting as anti-inflammatory agents, reducing swelling and even scarring when administered to injured tissue. That's why stem cell technology can be used to treat people with stroke, or diabetes, and many more diseases. And they all sound very promising, though the journey of the stem cell technology still needs many years to be proved. are you today


  1. Yudhi Gejali said...

    Hallo hendra..
    Tertarik nih sama Stem Cells.
    Di Indonesia waktu itu pernah mau berdiri Stem cell bank, masalahnya yang punya perusahaannya Singapore, jadi..Indo cuma jadi donornya aja.

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