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Monday, January 12, 2009

Medical Malpractice, tips for doctors

Nowadays, Medical malpractice is one common issue in medical world. Many reasons become the cause of this issue. These are several tips from me, to prevent us from medical malpractice, one thing that every doctors, and patients in the world doesn't want to experience.Me too... always pray to God,never deal with this kind of situation.

Tips for health workers:
1. Communication,have a good interaction with every patient, explain everything that they need to know. One most important aspect that lots of doctors forget is "EACH AND EVERY DOCTOR'S WORDS ARE THERAPY FOR THEIR PATIENTS". In my opinion, it's no use for doctors to tell how many years left for patient's life, or every word that can make patient feel more depressed. Feel free to offer the patient to have 'second opinion' to other doctor, if the patient wasn't sure about our decision. Lots of medical malpractice cases are caused mainly by lack of communication.

2. Always ask the 'informed consent' for every medical intervention. Except the life-threatening cases that don't need informed consent if there isn't any family or relatives of the patient.

3. Learn more. Medical literature is the base for our job. If our procedure is based on the medical literature, it lower the risk for medical malpractice.

4. In modern countries, doctors have fully malpractice-insured. In Indonesia, i think, only few doctors that have medical malpractice insurance. But, if doctors work in certain hospital, usually the hospital has kind of 'law'team to support the doctors, so maintain good relationship with our colleagues and other health workers in hospital where we work. Nobody likes 'cocky doctors'. Be an everybody beloved doctor.:)

to be continued.... (tips for the patients...)

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  1. Anonymous said...

    ni tips, mas hendra

    I heard that some of our fellows were already use PDAs in their face-to-face communication with patients

    just make sure its safety in medication


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