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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cholesterol Reduction-With Red Yeast Rice

One of the simple way to reduce our LDL cholesterol serum level is by consuming red Yeast Rice (Angkak Beras Merah in Indonesia). Red yeast rice is produced by solid-state fermentation of washed and cooked rice using Monascus purpureus. It has been used as a food preservative and colorant properties. In some journal, it is written that red yeast rice contains lovastatin, statin- type cholesterol lowering substance. Even in US, there's still a debate about the use of this red yeast rice by FDA, since lovastatin can only be bought by doctor's prescription. Usually doctor will advise you to change your lifestyle and food diets first before they prescribe a cholesterol lowering drugs. So consuming this kind of food will be good in our health, since it is natural food, and it contains the same cholesterol lowering substances.

Some studies showed, statistically significant reductions (16% to 31%) in total serum cholesterol compared with placebo or control or baseline. Adverse events experienced in clinical trials included stomachache, dizziness, heartburn and flatulence. No changes in laboratory tests were demonstrated. There was a case report of young man who developed anaphylaxis due to immediate sensitivity to M purpureus. Whether this is relevant to the oral administration of red yeast rice capsules is not clear.

Recommended way to cook this kind of red yeast rice, is by putting the rice into warm water for about 24 hours before you cook it, it makes several fungus grow, and fermentation process work well. And for other tips, is to consume all the cooked red yeast rice for one time. If it's consumed in other time, the effect will be different. Check your serum lipid level... try your red yeast rice for 2 weeks.....check it it true?

 RED RICE.......


  1. Dorothy L said...

    Good day to you...
    I love this post. It is something people should believe.
    Red Yeast Rice is one of the best cholesterol killers out there today.
    Along with a little more exercise....these two suggestions are excellent keys to staying healthy!

    Have a very good day:)

  2. Yudhi Gejali, dr. said...

    Oh..oh...latest medical info...
    But how can yeast decreases LDL is the mechanism??

  3. bala said...

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  4. andy said...

    That's right

    Red rice can lower cholesterol as well as for our bodies resilience.

    When Iam child my parent often provide me red rice. Them say that's good for your body and the effect you can see know

    thx for your info, I love it :D

  5. Rumah Islami said...

    my mother eats red rice everyday for medical treatment. It's good for her health actually

  6. Herry said...

    I've been using Red Yeast Rice for 10 years now from Purtians Pride Vitamins. I've had no plms and my Cholesterol is lowered substantially by the RYR.

  7. Jonathan said...

    For those who have been advised to lower their cholesterol, but are concerned about the serious side effects associated with taking statin drugs (e.g. liver dysfunction, muscle atrophy, memory loss, etc.), clinically proven natural alternatives are available. The Chinese condiment Red Yeast Rice, for example, was judged by the Physician's Desk Reference On Nutritional Supplements to "significantly reduce total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and total triglyceride concentrations, compared to a placebo." Considering the fact that the PDR is the authoritative text in the medical field on supplements, and it is written by doctors for doctors, it is disappointing that few doctors are recommending Red Yeast Rice to manage hypercholesterolemia in their patients. After all, Red Yeast Rice contains the same cholesterol lowering HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (lovastatin) as the drug Mevacor. And yet, even at doses six times lower, Red Yeast Rice out performed the pharmaceutical isolated lovastatin, showing a wider range of benefits and incomparably higher safety margin. Visit us at Medical Negligence to get more information about this.

  8. DANIEL said...

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